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About Us.

Sunyi is a solution in form a “home” for the community to showcase their skills,


And for us to learn about them.

As our mission to support all Disability in Indonesia, it is our duty to educate society about this particular issue. We act as collaborator, consultant and partner to raise the awareness of disability. Our activity includes brand collaboration, events, sign language education, and workshops.

Sunyi is a café dedicated to be the home for disability communities to have job opportunities, to have a place for idea creation, etc.

Through Coffee as our canvas, we dreamed of becoming a bridge of two worlds, also becoming an ambassador of inclusivity and equality.

Sunyi as a F&B Business

Giving chance to our disability friends, by giving them the same opportunity just like US

A classic touch of coffee, needs a finest touch. A variety of beans will be provided for you to choose, and our dear Barista will serve you the coffee through your  choices (V60, Japanesse, FrenchPress).

Also made with care, we serves the best options for you who prefer non-caffeine. A range of tea leaves and milk based drinks will replenish your energy.  Shall your insatiable hunger for sweet is not yet filled, you can also find a collection of warm home made cookies, brownies and breads served in our store

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